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All is well….

After a few days of self flagellation I am pleased to say that my car didn’t suffer irreversible damage from my joy ride through the flash flood…note to self….Mother Nature is ALL powerful!

These images are samples of two of my classes being offered at Bead and Button this year (In Milwaukee for those of you that don’t know), take a gander, there are plenty of amazing offerings.

Links to each: http:  Resin Glow:

Illuminated Brooch:

The first day of the year, following frigid fireworks.

A day spent at the computer setting in motion the next portion of my life. My shop/gallery on Commercial Street in Provincetown was thoroughly cleaned out yesterday. A decision to close the shop and open my heart and world to the next incarnation is in motion, hopeful feelers are radiating throughout my family of friends.

Cold on the moors

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